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Recent Customer Feedback

Just to let you know My Paratrooper arrived at 7.45 am Saturday morning, everything was in order thanks so much for the and Pre delivery set up, the bike is awesome….
thank you for the excellent service

Sep 2013 Paratrooper X5 Mr DC – Nottingham


I have just finished the work, both Paratrooper with electric power are perfect!
Look the photo. With this powerful 500W-engine and 48V-15A-batterie in a bag, together with the rack and controller (12 MOS-FET), the total weight is 25,8 kp (without batterie/bag: 20,8).
With this engine it is not enough space between with the 160mm-rotor/brake, it was necessary to fit the 203mm-Disc (look the picture enclosed).
The performance is incredible!
This engine has a gear, idle motion is perfect.
Yesterday we was with the paratroopers in the mountains, it was a pleasure trip.

kindly regards
Jul 2013 2 x Paratrooper X5 Mr MM – Lienz Austria


Bikes have arrived and we have had our first tour today :-) see photo!
Already several people who have commented on our bikes - "wow, where did you get those?? They look so much better than the normal folding bikes! They look like really good bikes actually!"Thanks for all your support!
Sep 2013 2 x Paratrooper X-5 Ms BS – Norway/Germany


The bike has arrived but I do not plan to open it now and it will go straight into the container for shipment. I will eventually be able to open it in a few months time and will come back to you for any quries then.
 Thank you excellent service.
Jul 2013 WB Aberdeen Scotland Paratrooper X5


About 2 months ago, I bought a paratrooper pro from you. I just wanted to give you feedbacks from the bike as I used it intensely to travel around Iceland.
The bike is great! very tough and perfect on roads and tracks. My load was pretty heavy (more than 35 kg) but the bike didn't flinch!
I have recommended to many cyclists I met in Iceland. By the way, loads of people love the look of this bike (as you can see from the photo, I changed few thing -handle bar, tires-, from the original bike.
I am now planning to visit more countries (starting with Scotland, Ireland and France) with this bike. 
April 2013 Paratrooper Pro Mr ME Lyon France


Ciao, just want to tell you that I'm very happy with the bike, just my ass is so in pain  , I'm not use to anymore. Ciao
April 2013 Paratrooper Pro Mr RL - London


Hello The Bike is arrived, all is o.k. Tank You for the supplements. Best Regards
Ded 2012 Montague X-70 Mr F W Losone Switzerland


Took an easy 70km ride on the Paratrooper yesterday, was wonderful. :-) 18/7/2011
Got the rack and it fits. Even my m2-mudguard fits beneath it!

22/8/2011 Paratrooper + Pletcher Rack Mr J O, Porvoo, Finland


Boston 8 arrived friday, no problem with delivery or packaging. I checked everything and went for my first drive. I wonder why I have waited fifty years to have a good bike, I mean a fantastic bike! And the folding is in fact easier than I tought. I guess it's my best buy since years.
Thank you for your help, and best regards, André from Paris
April 2012 Boston 8 Mr AJ Paris France


Thanks for my order. Received today, the people actually delivered the bike here so wouldn't have to wait till Sunday. I quickly assembled the bike. Did not have a chance to take if for a test ride yet, and did not have time to fiddle with the mudguards or the rack either. The saddle twists from side to side and I just read what I need to do about that in the 'manual' you emailed. 
I have to say the bike is a real beauty, I already fell in love with it! :-) I like it all maybe except the tires that look bit cheap. Might invest in a decent ones at some point. The lock is heavy as hell and I couldn't really find a spot on the bike that would have enough room for its installation. I might either end up getting different lock of carry that one in my backpack.
Now, figuring what one little thing was took me longer than unpacking and assembling the bike. And that little thing was... the bell :-) It really shows what my hair colour is....blond!
Thanks again! Great bike and great service. 

Feb 2012 Navigator Ms A L Chipping Camden Glou.


I picked the bike up at noon at our local DPD depot. That is outstanding fast, wow!
Hope being able to assemble it this weekend. Was a pleasure doing business with you, will provide positive feedback.
October 2011 – Paratrooper X5 Mr SM – Beimerstetten Germany


The bike is everything I expected, spot on.
October 2011 Paratrooper X5 Mr IW –Scunthorpe


Took an easy 70km ride on the Paratrooper yesterday, was wonderful. :-) 18/7/2011
Got the rack and it fits. Even my m2-mudguard fits beneath it!

22/8/2011 Paratrooper + Pletcher Rack Mr J O, Porvoo, Finland


I purchased the Paratrooper 2010 form you last year, which is going very well after its first 1000 miles. I am currently looking for a bike rack to help with bags on some long distance rides I will be doing over the next year, and I was wondering if the Pletscher QR Bike Rack you have on your site is suitable for the Paratrooper 2010, which has rear disc brakes.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer my query and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, this worked perfectly, the rack is now fitted.

15/8/2011 Pletcher Rack, Mr P A, Mitcham, Surrey.


The bike beat your e-mail to the door: It arrived at 8.15! Thank you for the speedy delivery. Everything seemed in perfect condition and assembled just fine, thank you. Thanks also for the attached documents.

The only thing that fell off during assembly was the plastic cover to the fixing nut on the front brake calliper: It's a loose fit and will need to be lightly tacked in with a smear of silicone, otherwise it will fall off over the first set of bumps. This is a very small thing, but you may want to feed the info back to Montague.

I'm looking forward to taking it out on the hills…

9/8/2011 Paratrooper Pro, Mr J C, Yeovil Somerset.


Got it attached and working, thanks for all your help!
6/8/2011 Pletcher Rack Jame L Workingham, Bucksreceived the Montague X70 yesterday. All is OK.

Thank you very much

Best regards

6/8/2011 Pletcher Rack Mr J L Workingham, Bucks


thanks, I could collect the bike today, it is great, I have managed to adjust everything fine, except the front disc brake adjustment makes problems, the inner pad always is too close to the disk so it makes sounds and rubs although I tried the instructions as or
Also I was missing the invoice/bill.
Unfortunately I will not be able to go for a ride before Tuesday, because I will work from Monday for 30 hours... 24/7/2011
thanks a lot, the method with the grub screw and hex screw did work.
I could do a short testride today, it is great.
26/7/2011 Paratrooper Pro, Dr E A, Gunttramdorf, Austria


The bike's come and i've assembled it and just as I rode down the road it rained! Very good though, feels very solid. Thank you for your service on this one. I'm going to get a lot of use out of it.

I look forward to getting the rack and then i'll be all set.
9/7/2011 Urban/Crosstown - Mrs L W, Gwent, Wales.


Also thanks for the pump. We've been assembling today and on the road tomorrow. A few small the improvised adaption of our racks to the Montague one was baswed on a 19' model so mine wouldn't work. And we bought a couple of Sigma wireless computers and still cant get the magnet on the spoke. We'll work it out.It's hot here so expect some early morning riding..

28/6/2011 2 x Navigator Mr M R-S, New Zeland (delivered to hotel in Paris)


Thank you so much for all your help with the sale and delivery of my two Montague bikes. They arrived safely and thank you for all of the free extra items you've included with the bikes. I have unpacked them and put them together and everything is working perfectly. Thank you again for all your help and if I need anything else again or if any of my friends/relatives need something bicycle related I will be recommending you as the service and products I've received has been superb!!

I hope you have a good weekend.

16/6/2011 Paratrooper x 2, Mr JG, London W1


I received the Montague X70 yesterday. All is OK.

Thank you very much

Best regards

31/5/2011 Montague X70 Mr X P, Sciacca, Italy


Good Morning from a very wet Lancashire!

Thank you, for the instructions and I would like to confirm that the Bike was delivered at 8.03 this morning. perfect

Thank you, again for all your expert service

26/5/2011 Paratrooper Mr M T, Morecombe Lancs


Thank you

Excellent service

21/4/2011 kickstand and frame cover Mr M A Northumberland


I've received the bike, thanks for sending it so fast. Great service!
I'm just going through all the documents and to register the bike for the OnGuard theft programme, I need to enclose the original lock sales receipt. Obviously it came free with the bike, but how did your prior customers get around this?

15/4/2011 Urban/Crosstown Ms K E London Docklands


I inform you that it has received yesterday the Montague Swiss X50: I'm really happy with your purchase and your speed (just three working days from UK to Italy).
I found that everything is OK and I thank you very much for the many gifts that I found in the package.
If you want to publish my satisfaction with the purchase made by you.
24/2/2011 X-50 Prof. A F, Trieste (Italy)


Just to let you know that the bike arrived this morning ( a slight delay as I had to clear it through Jersey Customs, we have a type of VAT, but only 3%).
I had it together within an hour, (incl. 1/2 hour to make coffee & read the manual), the most difficult task was finding somewhere to mount the bracket that holds the padlock, I've put it on the main tube, around which the frame pivots, it means I can't fit the pump, but it does not seem to fit anywhere else.
The bike is great thanks for assembling everything.

16/2/2011 Swissbike X70 Mr R I - Jersey, Channel Islands


The bike is great thanks for assembling everything.
Could you email me a copy of the receipt please as I seem to have lost it already!

14/2/2011 Montague Boston - Mr J G London W1


Swissbike LX SE - 18 inch - I have received the bike, it is perfect. I have only missed to order the kick stand. I will be going to Dubai in the weekend to search for one, there are 2 big bikes shops there. If I will not be able to get one from there then I will order one from you.

Mr K R, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 01/12/2010


Feedback on purchase of Montague Urban towards the end of October, 2010.

The purchase went smoothly from start to finish and I felt comfortable throughout. I began by researching on the internet, then phoning to ask a few questions about this and that. So often one is made to feel a nuisance asking questions but not so in this case. A chap called Chulan was only too pleased to help and gave full and informative answers. I ordered an Urban and it was promptly delivered as promised.

It arrived in a stout cardboard box in its folded form and needed almost no assembly. More or less just unfold and cycle away. Of course I did check it over but almost nothing needed attention.

Within a couple of days we had set off on a tour which has now been completed; Greatwestern train Devon to Paddington; cycle across London; Eurostar St Pancras to Gare de Nord; cycle across Paris; TGV Montparnasse to Bordeaux; cycle Bordeaux to Nice in 10 days; TGV Nice to Gare de Lyon; cycle across Paris; Eurostar to London; and so back to Devon, 700 miles and many folds/unfolds later. (Sorry to be boring but I list my Montague experience to help better judge the following critique.)

I am pleased with the bike and would certainly buy it again. From the moment I slid it out of the box the frame oozed quality and continues to do so. The folding process is well engineered and slick and the bag is excellent quality and design; the shoulder-strap fixing to the bike rather than the bag is a brainwave. When the bike is ridden it feels a quality big wheeled bike and there is absolutely no feel whatsoever that one is riding a folding bike.

But there must be a negative or two. You would be right but for me only two and one was easily fixed. The first is that the 700 x 25 fitted tyres are too narrow for the rims; I do not think that this is a matter of opinion but it was easily remedied by me pinching the 700 x 32 Marathon Plusses off my wife’s bike. The second is that there is no clearance for mudguards, and on an urban bike there should be. I understand this is probably a marketing compromise as I guess the frame is exactly the same frame that makes all the 700 wheeled models and so keeps the price down.

In conclusion, a great bike. So much so that I am going to upgrade mine to 27 speed and modulo comfort bars for Christmas and repeatedly take it touring on the Continent. Next tour is next week, in fact.

Mr W E, Exter Devon 24 Nov 2010


2 x Montague Paratrooper - 18 inch -Many thanks for the info and for preparing the bikes Best regards

Mr R M Maidstone Kent 4 Nov 2010


Montague Navigator 21inch - Just a quick note to say that the bike is going fine, except a couple of punctures. No major problem, I was just wondering whether you sold, could recommend tougher tyres to deal with the cobbles and broken glass in Paris. No worries if you don't, I am sure I will be able to find something.

Mr J W - Crowthorne Berkshire 3 November 2010


Montague X70 - 18 inch - Have just received the bike and will unpack and sort out and let you know how I get on.

Many thanks for your help and sorting this out so quickly.

Have managed to work out the bike, folding it up and then opening it up to ride. It feels great to ride too.

Thanks again.

Steph C - Chesham, Bucks 7 October 2010


Montague Swissbike LX SE 18 inch - today the bike has arrived. Thanx a lot!
I took it out of the box and assembled it.
It looks great in matt black.

Gunnar L - Paderborn, Germany 30 September 2010


Montague X50 20 inch - Arrived safely at 8am this morning! Very pleased with the bike and your service. Thank you and have a great weekend!.

Jason S - Hartley Vale, Plymouth 26 June 2010


Swissbike LX SE 20 inch- Everything has arrived ok, bike and accessory pack .Thank you for your efficient and friendly service, look forward to the folding pedals but no rush.Thank for providing a lovely bike.

Dr Graham M - Walsall, W Midland 25/05/2010


Swissbike LX 18 inch - Dear Montague bikes, just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my Swiss bike LX18. Really pleased with the bike. .

Mr Tony H, Harrogate 2 April 2010


Swissbike TX 20 inch - Bike arrived - thanks

Andreas R - Winterthur, Switzerland 8 April 2010


Montague DX - Many thanks. Bike fully assembled and awaiting professional check by local bike shop. Bike is smaller than I anticipated - so I am glad I bought the 20" on your advice. It has a good quality feel to it and seems much lighter than my existing folding bike. I intend to use it daily in lieu of my normal bike. Thanks again for your help and advice. .

Mr K L, Andover, Hampshire, 04 August 2009


Paratrooper - Hi, Only to say the bike is here and OK. Thank you for your interest and attention. .

Mr J C, Madrid, Spain, 22 July 2009


Swissbike LX - I recieved the bike in good order and has been a fantastic buy. I would like to thank you for the prompt shipment of the bike. Still waiting for the pedals though...... .

Dr M T Liverpool, 20 July 2009


Paratrooper - Bike arrived last week in one box, but bike soft carry case was missing, can you send it too, thank you.

Mr T A, Turku, Finland 14 July 2009


Paratrooper - Thank you, bike has now arrived. My husband is away until Saturday so he will open the parcel then. Looking forward to receiving the pedals, kickstand, and mudguards as soon as you have them available. Many thanks for your good service (a friend of ours is very interested in this bike also!) Kind regards .

Mrs L W, Farnham, Surrey 07 July 2009


Swissbike LX - Thanks for the bike. It arrived yesterday as planned. .

Mr J N, Southampton, 03 July 2009


Montague DX - Got the bike. Many thanks for all your help. All the best. .

Mr R D, Co Derry, Ireland, 29 June 2009


Swissbike LX - Bike received yesterday and accessories to-day. Thank you for your prompt attention to the order. I have placed an (internet) order for an adjustable stem (to get the riding position a bit more comfy) and hope that it is available for prompt dispatch ! Regards, .

Mr J C, Napton Southam, Warwicks, 18 June 2009


Swissbike LX - Hi, the bike arrived today safe & sound..

Mr W S, Angus,Dundee 05 June 2009


Swissbike LX SE - Hello Free issue items arrived today thanks! Have been out for a quick spin on the bike first impressions are very good. Thanks again. .

Mr D W, Windemere, Cumbria, 04 June 2009


Paratrooper - Hi, I too am now back from travels! Yes, please can you go ahead with sending me the 18in Paratropper for my wife. I would also like the half price carry bag with this. I note your comments re the stand, but do not really need these for either bike, so I will return the one you sent be asap. I would like to buy front and rear mudguards for both bikes though. I am not sure what the difrerence between the Shockblade and Xblade advertised on your website? Perhaps you could give me a call to discuss so these can be delivered with the bike? Regards

Mr R S, Chagford, Devon 2 June 2009


Swissbike LX SE -Hi Bike just been delivered, so can go for a game of Golf now !, too hot to go out for a ride. Thanks, .

Mr ID, Glasgow, 02 June 2009


Montague DX x 2 - I ordered 2 bags for the bikes we bought (which we are pleased with) can you tell me if or when they will be dispatched. If they have not gone yet. I have a different address I would like them sent to. Thanks .

Miss T, MY KADIMO's (a Yacht) South of France, 18 May 2009


Montague CX x 2 - Thanks for letting me know. By the way, we're really pleased with the bikes!.

Mr I B, Woodthorpe, Notts, 5 May 2009


Paratrooper x 2 - I am very pleased with my Paratrooper and would like to buy the 18 inch model for my wife when these come into stock. A small point, but I would like to have mudguards for both bikes and I dont really need the folding stand (which I have not fitted) Could I return this to you? .

Mr R S, Chagford, Devon, 05 May 2009


Paratrooper x 2 - Thanks look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Great news that the carry case is in, look forward to collecting that too!

Mr & Mrs A & S - Thames Ditton, Surrey, 30 April 2009


Montague CX - Thank you for your soon response -sooner than mine-. Yes, I think that I will choose the CX Confort model for my wife. But I still have some other questions: 1 - I dont understand why you recommend the 20" size, because the tables from your web recommend 18" for a height from 5ft 3inch to 5ft 10" (and my wife -as you know- is 5ft 9inch (1,75 m) tall if I am not mistaken -because the imperial system is a nightmare for me). Could you please explain it to me?. 2 - I already have a Paratrooper -Im very satisfied with it- but I dont remember its size (and I dont keep any paper or instructions of it). Because I am also 1,75 m, it should be useful for me to know the size and compare. How can you see the exact size of a Paratrooper bike?. Any place with this written on it?.

Mr B C, Madrid Spain, 21 April 2009


Swissbike TX - Got my bike put together, and it is fantastic, thanks. Better than I imagined! No problems at all. .

Mr J W, Bridge of Allen, Stirlingshire, 06 March 2009


Paratrooper - Like the bike and so does my partner. She's insistent to go for the paratrooper! I guess the best way to order is via the web site? Looking forward to your response, .

Mr J N, Southampton 04 March 2009


Paratrooper -Thank you, - the bike arrived here safely a few hours ago! Best

Mr Hans M, Germany , 12 February 2009


Paratrooper x 2 - We just wanted to say thank you very much for the bikes, the free bits and pieces and all the advice you gave us. The bikes arrived on Tuesday safely and we are waiting for some time (and maybe a dry spell) to try them out properly, can't wait! Thank you again,

S & J H, Ashburton, Devon 15 January 2009 2008


Paratrooper - Just a quick email to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Paratrooper which I picked up on 1st December. I am very pleased with the bike. It took me a very long time to decide on a folding bike and I am pleased with my decision. Many thanks for your excellent customer service and knowledge and experience of the bike which confirmed I made the right decision.

Mr C de S, Middx, 30 December 2008


DX - Just to let you know the bike arrived last week. It's a christmas present so I'll send some feedback next week.

Mrs H L, Ashford Middx, 21 December 2008


Swissbike LX - Many thanks, the bike seems fine and it brought me home safely on Saturday, if a little wet.

Mr R B, East Sussex, 15 December 2008


Swissbike LX, purchased by Mr R of London, fitted with electric motor Bion-X 350 - motor supplied by customer fitted by us.

3 December 2008


Paratrooper - It's arrived. Many thanks! He's playing with it at this very moment (inside!)

Rebecca, West Yorks, 26 November 2008


To all present and future customers, I would highly recommend

Chulan provides a very personal, efficient, friendly service. He offers excellent impartial advice and keeps one updated with the transaction, which is reassuring and so important when making on-line purchases

Matt, London, 26 November 2008


Paratrooper - Thank you very much, the bike arrived safely in my hotel.

I rode already the first 50 miles this weekend.

Thanks again for handling all my queries and my order.

Olaf of Berlin, W Germany, 1 September 2008


Swissbike LX - Just a quick thank you.

I received the bike today and already been for a ride.

Will use your web site again.

Best regards,

Thierry of Manchester, 29 August 2008


Swissbike LX - Bike received and looks great - thanks!

Looking forward to putting it together and taking it out at the weekend!

All the best,

Gyles of North Shields, 28 August 2008


Paratrooper - Bike arrived safely. Thanks for all your help.

Kind regards,

Mr ID (Scottish Parliament), Perthshire, 8 August 2008


Paratrooper - Bike was assembled in the office at the instance of my colleague who is a serious mountain biker. Any time I tried to stall by telling him I needed a pump or a tool (because I had work to do for my job) he handed over whatever I asked for from his pannier bag.

I was impressed at how quickly and easily it went together and how straightforward the folding action was. My colleague was impressed that it looked and felt like a serious mountain bike (because it is one). Another colleague asked for a link to your website as he was thinking of getting a folder as well and liked what he saw. I've offered him a test ride next week, once I've fitted some bits and had some fun on it myself.

It's booked in for a pre-flight check at my local bike shop later this week and I'm looking forward to getting started commuting with it (but a quick ride around the carpark seemed to show up no problems).

I'll need to practice a bit getting it in and out of its bag, but it is currently lying folded up under my desk and will be a useful tool in my commuting arsenal.

Next test - fitting it in the boot of my wife's Fiat Punto.

Mr D O'B of Dublin, Ireland, 28 July 2008


Swissbike LX - Great bike, prompt delivery, excellent service. What more can I say :-)

There is one thing however that you may be able to help me with.

Your sight has a link to a demo film about how to fold the bike. It features what looks to be a wheeled kick stand. Any idea who makes it or where I could get hold of one? I think I'd find it very useful for garage storage.

Mr DG of Poole, Dorset, 20 July 2008


Swissbike LX - The 2 bikes arrived today. They are great, thank you for the folding pedals.

Mr CS of France, 3 July 2008


Swissbike LX - The bike is simply fabulous. Thank you for taking the time to set up the bike and making us feel so welcome and I can't wait to try it off-road at the weekend!

All the best.

AC of London, 2 July 2008


Swissbike LX x 3- All bicycles have arrived sound and safe yesterday. The crew assembled them immediately and everybody is impressed with them. We may even have to order some more of them.

Thank you very much for all your kind assistance so far.

Mr JC - Yacht, South of France, 26 June 2008


Montague CX - Thanks. Had a nice ride home yesterday, although short. No problems with folding and unfolding.

Mr FK of New Malden, Surrey, 24 June 2008


Swissbike LX - Hi, yes, I received it, everything was OK!


Mr CU of Budapest, Hungary, 16 June 2008


Swissbike LX - It arrived about 13:45. Better late than never I guess. Driver couldn't even get the back door opened on his van. Next day delivery isn't a problem in Aberdeen as I worked work with Amtrak for 8 years doing it here! 10 is cheap, but perhaps you can get a refund.... But at least the bike is in good condition and its up and running with no problems, so am well pleased and it looks great. Can't figure out yet if the handlebars are height adjustable or not?

MH of Aberdeen, 11 June 2008


Link to Conrad Taylor's Paratrooper photos on Facebook.

Conrad Taylor, 4 June 2008


Paratrooper - Bike has been delivered Thursday - and it's even more appealing in real life!!!!!
Thanks for your high level of service and expedient handling of this order. I will certainly recommend you to other potential customers!

Kim Engman of Denmark, 25 May 2008


Paratrooper - Thanks for this. Enough goodies there to keep me occupied for ages! And thank you also for a very comprehensive run-through of all the bits to do with the bike yesterday.

MS of Pinner, Middlesex 2 Nov 2007


Thanks again for all of your help and expertise. I have taken it for a spin and I am very happy with my new Paratrooper. Its nice and solid with a comfortable ride.

Thanks again for all your help. I will be telling everyone who asks about it where I got it and how helpful your company was.

Take care.

Mr Will Smith of Newbury, Berks 1 Oct 2007


Swissbike LX - Bike received this morning at 8:45am. Assembled and ridden for about 3 miles. All is well. Thank you for your speedy processing of my order.

Have a good holiday.

Mr PC of Leicester 24 Aug 2007


Paratrooper - Many thanks for your information and service which I found helpful in choosing the bike which I'm presently enjoying. I have one question. What do think is best for the pedals - quick release or the folding types ?

Once again many thanks for your personal service.

Mr FD of London NW6 21 Aug 2007


Swissbike LX - Thanks for sorting out a great bike for me, can you forward details of where to buy the accessories we discussed? I’m keen to get the removable pedals and mud guards, etc.

Mr NW of St Albans, Herts 20 Aug 2007


Paratrooper - Thanks, got the bike yesterday. Absolutely brilliant! Regards.

Mr BM of N Ireland 3 Aug 2007


Swissbike LX - It feels nice (a little shorter than I'm used to; have to watch it on descents) and although a bit tall-geared seems pretty nice, and with the folding mechanism it fits in my car boot.

All in all, I'm well satisfied with what I received, and though I'll need to make the odd adjustment, like moving the saddle back a bit and buying some slime to put in the innertubes (Argos sell it, and cheaply too) and sorting out some lights, the bike rides well right from the start.

Please could you let me know when the bikebag is finally available; that'll make transporting it a less messy process if I've been riding in wet or muddy conditions.

Mr DH of W. Yorks 2 Aug 2007


Forgot to tell you. Had the first ride this morning into work and impressed. (Swissbike LX).

Mr SW of London W8 11 June 2007


Assembled bikes (Paratrooper and CX) today I'm well impressed with quality of the bikes, great value for money, thank you for great service and keeping me up to date with progress.

All the Best, Mr PW of Rotherham 11 June 2007


Thanks so much for fitting the bike up together on Saturday at such short notice. I took the bike out for a run yesterday evening and it performed very well I thought. And you are right - I got stared at.

Mr JB of Farnham, Surrey 23 Mar 2007


Just a quick note of thanks for the demo of the Montague Paratrooper today, its a great piece of kit and better suited to my uses than any other folding bike. I expect some of my friends & colleagues will be in touch when they see me racing around on mine.

To that end; I would like to place an order for 2 x 18in Paratrooper bikes and 2 x carry bags.

Any information regarding upgrading the pedals would be appreciated.

Mr NS of Surrey 3 Aug 2006


Mr IB of Essex on his bike - 3 Nov 2006.


Here is a Paratrooper used by the Dutch Police.


Considering using the Paratrooper as a commuter bike?
Below is photo of a bike modified by a Mr JC of Pembury Kent for just that purpose.

(20) £579

X-50 (18) £425

(17 and 21) £425

Navigator (21) £659

Mon-Fri -pay when you collect from our warehouse in Brentford,Middx, phone
for details.

We can send by courier £24.00

All bike are pre delivery inspected (PDI) by a qualified bike mechanic and ready to ride.

when u buy a bike:-

Montague soft carry case £50

QR Rack £33

Mudguards £10

Comfort saddle £10

Onguard 8005 lock £20

Hybrid tyres £20 a set of 2 £10 fitting


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